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August 30 2017

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Me and hubs, every damn day

August 24 2017

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Really feeling it this morning

August 21 2017

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Right the fuck on Charles.

August 18 2017

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Me and the hubs these days *sigh* I miss being young. And healthy. Fuck did I take THAT shit for granted 😕

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Yas bish, not on call no more either 🤗💃🤘

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August 13 2017

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Actually me like, all the time.

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August 10 2017

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SO accurate!

August 09 2017

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This is *NOT* Dark Vader. That is all. #starwars #darthvader #originaldarklord #sith #doitright

August 07 2017

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Dream the impossible dream…

August 04 2017

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Also my weekends. Kinda peaceful tbh.

July 16 2017

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July 15 2017

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Literally the face I make. Plus lots of “fucking morons” being said.

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July 14 2017

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July 13 2017

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#i’ve reblogged this like twice#and i think some people are reblogging this as a joke#but bless this man and what he stands for

how is this funny to anyone.

Those people obviously don’t realize the extremely high kill rate for cats at shelters, not to mention that people literally dump indoor cats outside when they don’t want them anymore, and indoor cats often die due to starvation/predators (duh they have no survival skills).  

Also - I might also be crying.

Jackson Galaxy is awesome. His story is is that he used to be a drug addict, and that while he was in the beginning of his recovery he saved a stray cat and nursed it back to life, and in return the cat essentially did the same for him, and ever since then, he’s taught himself everything there is to know about cats and their behavior. Cats saved his life, so he’s saving cats lives. He’s awesome.

All of the above. How often do you see people freak out over a lost dog, or a strange dog in their yard and desperately try to find their owner? You see a cat wondering around your yard, or hiding somewhere on your property and ‘it’s just a dirty stray’. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Cats are seen as ‘disposable’ pets. It’s disgusting.

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At least once a week. Then I remember how much I like eating and it’s fuck, I guess I’ll get dressed.

July 12 2017

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This would happen if I tried to pack a suitcase 😻😻😻

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