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Remember all those promo pics that made it look like Mulder and Scully were going to the prom?

I’m coming up short on THE prom promo pics, but I’ve always felt they were part of a larger series, including (but not limited to):

fbi engagement photos

fbi pregnancy announcement

fbi apocalypse survivors?

and, last but not least, fbi indie album cover.

fbi homecoming

fbi slavic 80s popstars

fbi weird theater kids

fbi young adult novel

fbi Christmas card

I think this is one of the aforementioned FBI prom photos

but let’s not forget the FBI Sears portrait

FBI du Soleil

FBI 1980′s cigarette ad

FBI one hit wonder 90′s pop duo

don’t forget FBI soft core porn

FBI Nicholas Sparks novel cover

And the much later FBI Cialis Commercial

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